Kim Frassett at her new classroom studio. Seeds finished our 2013/2014 financial report for to the Terra Art Foundation (Kim is the head of the Foundation!) Thanks to Kathy Senkbeil for doing our CPA non-profit papers. Oh it feels great to be done!

LeRoy Schmaltz’s Tiki catalogue from the Paris Exhibition. The author’s dedication to LeRoy “the original Tiki Artist”  

Our SEEDS exhibit researching continues with LeRoy & Vivian.

First day with new intern Emily!

Another SEEDS Intern flys away to greater things! Ashley Johnson has faithfully served SEEDS since January moves back to Nebraska to Concordia University. So much has happened since the beginning of the year. We will so miss you Ashley!

Always a blessing to be with artists!

The annual artist gathering!

Thank you Peter Senkbeil and Kathy Senkbeil for great conversation and support for SEEDS. Thanks to Bob and Julie Schlueter for a lovely dinner.

We are looking forward to hosting more SEEDS support gatherings with all our friends and your friends.

TBT 2007

SEEDS Exhibits “Who do you say that I am?”


In the fields south of Chicago, this space included a happening. People were asked to create their crosses to lay at the base of the late Ray Friesz’s crucifixion paintings.

Exhibited artists were Mel Andrews, Wayne Forte, Lalo Garcia, Barry Krammes, Janet McKenzie, Cindi Rhodes, LeRoy Schmaltz, Karen Schmidt, Duncan Simcoe, Dan Snipes, James Quinton Young, Mary Helen Wagner and Denise Weyhrich.

Seeds at Midland Lutheran University in Nebraska on May 29th 2007 with “Dawn to Dawn”#tbt 

With artists: Mel Andrews, Sandra Bowden, Gerald Brommer, Leslie Caldera, Brandon Clark, Tom Clark, Anne England, Robert Eustace, Wayne Forte, Jan Florence Garven, George Geisler, Lalo Garcia, John Jones, Ingrid Klausen, Simon Kogan, Paul Laberge, Mardie Rees, Ronald Lopez, Janice Lowry, Dayna Peterson Mason, Gary Mead, Richard Myer, Leslie Pearson, Deborah Scales, Leroy Schmaltz, Karen Schmidt, Judy Schroeder, Duncan Simcoe, Hilary Sylvester, Mary Helen Wagner, Denise Kufus Weyhrich, Heather Wright, James Quentin Young, Jane Zeiger, John Estrada Zender.

One Week of SEEDS! Visiting OC master artists, printer Anne England & sculptor Ralph Tarizan in Laguna Beach. Visiting Fuller Seminary with Maria Fee for Denise’s small install and visiting Roger Feldman’s finished sculpture. Santa Monica hanger with LCAD’s MFA exhibits with friends celebrating Kari Dunham’s graduate paintings. —today working at Julie’s lovely air conditioned home!